About Me

Hi! My name is John Pearson. I've owned and operated caricature booths at 2 Six Flag amusement parks. Before that I was an animator for 3 years on Disney CDRom games followed by 3 years on the TV Show The Simpsons.

After becoming involved in the amusement park caricature booth industry in 2002, he started Familiar Image dedicated to creating new concepts and opportunities for the expansion and improvement of the art of caricature by the use of technology.

John Pearson resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and is available to draw caricatures at your next party or function. Guaranteed 6 minute drawings in black and white are proven to be very popular among your guests! Fee is $150 an hour, 3 hours for $400. Traveling fees will apply after 80 miles from Walnut Creek, California, Contra Costa County.

What if I don't like my drawing?

The purpose of a caricature is to exaggerate a person's form. It is meant to resmble a person's basic likeness but with the intent of adding an element of humor and distortion to the drawing.

In an amusement park it is not uncommon to find a debate around the caricature booth. One person may see the resemblance between the drawing and the person being drawn while somebody else may not. Due to the subjective nature of caricature art all sales at Familiar Image are final and we do not give money back. Quality assurance is promoted by site visitors being able to review the artist's best work as well as most recent sales.

At Pier 39 Caricatureart we create hand-drawn caricatures with pen and paper for many fun and exciting uses. All caricatures are drawn on 80 lb card stock with black markers.

Now, instead of having to go to an amusement park or tourist destination, you can get a caricature online for delivery to your home and your email without even leaving your house.